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Our History Orbit Store was founded in Islamabad by a husband and wife team who loves and enjoys being around children. They have had experience in the preschool sector and because of that, they fully understand the frustration and stress that teachers and parents experience during the lead up to their annual end-of-year concerts, 1st Birthday, School gatherings and Family functions. There are just so many things to worry about. There’s song selection, choreography, dance practice, hair, make up, stage design, budget and most importantly, the costumes! Year after year, after finalising their theme and song selection, they were left with the challenging task of sourcing for performance costumes. They tried buying from small local stores, working with tailors and even ordering from overseas companies. However, none of them were reliable, and none of them provided beautiful matching costumes at affordable prices. Countless other teachers and parents shared with them how they too have: dealt with companies that made empty promises, received complaints from parents about the low quality of costumes and losing their time and money from dishonest sellers. One year, after being played out by a local tailor (just a week before the performance), the couple finally decided to do something about it. They travelled around the region to source for costumes and ideas. They attended trade shows, took classes and learnt about design and clothing manufacturing.